CounterPath’s Stretto Platform is a provisioning, messaging, collaboration, and analytics platform that enables enterprises and service providers to build flexible solutions that meet specific communication and user deployment requirements. The Stretto platforms features:

  • SIP-based VoIP with call flow control
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • HD Voice and Video Calling
  • HD Voice and Conference Calls
  • Send and Receive HD Videos
  • Instant Messaging
  • Company Chat Rooms
  • Set Presence Status
  • Screen Sharing
  • Schedule Private Virtual Meeting Rooms
  • Contact Management
BRIA Plans Annual Cost
BRIA Stretto Subscription 1yr per Desktop $75.00 +GST
BRIA Stretto Subscription 1yr per Mobile $65.00 +GST
BRIA Stretto Basic Bundle Subscription 1yr per User $84.00 +GST
BRIA Stretto Business Bundle Subscription 1yr per User $186.00 +GST
BRIA Stretto Salesforce Bundle Subscription 1yr per User $426.00 +GST

Basic Bundle 

Entitles each user to run Counter Path’s Bria Stretto softphones on up to 4 active devices (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS), with Centralized Stretto Provisioning – Includes Bria Push Service for eliminating battery consumption when app is “in the background” – Includes access to Softphone Troubleshooting logs

Business Bundle

Up to 4 active devices (same as Basic Bundle) • In addition to Centralized Provisioning, includes a corporate roster with Instant Messaging & Presence, Screen Sharing (up to 100 participants, with no downloads required) and advanced Administrative tools – Administrative tools include User Experience Metrics (UEM) and Help Desk Assistant – UEM provides the admin with detailed analytics info, including stats on call quality, feature usage and device type – Help Desk Assistant (mobiles) enables IT team to remotely troubleshoot the user’s softphone

Collaboration Bundle

Includes all the features available in the Business Bundle, as well as audio / video conferencing, screen sharing (with the ability to pass control between participants) and messaging — Includes support for Web browser participants (Chrome, Firefox and Opera)

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