VoIP Faxmail Services

The Kiwi Internet Faxmail service works by combining traditional fax services with your emails. You can have faxes sent to your email box and send to fax machines from your emails as well.

A VoIP fax line costs $11.50 + GST

Create a new email

Create a new email and put in the “to” box the phone number you are sending to @fax.kiwilink.net.nz. You will need to attach the message you wish to fax as a pdf file. The subject line and body of the email will not effect the fax. Click on send and your message will be sent!

Receiving is just as easy

If you do not have a fax machine live on the line it will simply email you the fax message. It will send to the default email on your account, if you do not know if this is the right one or would like to change this detail please contact us.

Should you prefer to always have received faxes emailed to you, simply log on to the voip portal (http://voip.kiwiinternet.co.nz) using your fax line and go to the option “Faxmail Delivery Options”. Here there is a setting “Faxmail Diversion Timer” – Set this to 0. This will send messages straight to your mail box all the time.

View the Faxmail Guide