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Standard Support

We offer free support to all our customers to ensure your internet or VoIP line is up and operational. For changes to your existing setup some additional charges may apply as outlined below.

We provide comprehensive FAQ’s and self help guides to enable you to troubleshoot and resolve many issues yourself without charge.

You can upgrade at any time to our Business Support Plans


  • Provisioning & set up of internet to ensure the line is active and working
  • Configuration of internet modem if the modem is purchased through Kiwi Internet
  • Fault escalation & resolution if the fault is external to customers premises i.e. from street to house. This excludes any internal wiring, power surges or issues caused by customers within their house that has caused the fault
  • Password changes for security reasons
  • Provisioning & Set up of all Voip phone lines
  • Fault resolution on Voip phone lines

$25.00 + GST FLAT FEE

  • Configuration & set-up of internet modem if not purchased through Kiwi Internet
  • Reconfiguration & set-up for customers who have accidently reset their modem
  • Internal Wifi configuration (self-service available)
  • Email set up on PC’s/ lap tops / mobile devices (self-service available)
  • Support for customers mail client e.g. Outlook, Mac mail. This is for non-Kiwi Internet server issues
  • Set-up of Spam reports
  • Set-up of E-mail forwarding (self-service available)
  • Voip phone configuration (per phone charge)
  • Voip number porting (to retain existing phone number / per number charge)
  • Voip portal set up with basic features to meet requirements provided
  • Changes to voip phone configuration (self-service available)
  • Changes to voip portal set up (self-service available)
  • Support for any soft client issues

$50.00 + GST FLAT FEE

  • Moving address. This covers the provisioning of the connection at the new address and disconnection at the old address.
  • Set up of Voip auto- attendant (recording of messages additional)

$150.00 +GST FLAT FEE

  • Chorus No Fault Found Fee. If a customer requests that a Chorus technician goes to site to resolve a fault, but the fault is found to be a customer’s internal issue such as old / faulty modem, faulty internal wiring, or any other internal issue not caused by the Chorus connection to the premises. This is a Chorus charge that is passed directly onto the customer. We therefore recommend all checks are completed fully before a Chorus technician is requested.
  • Loan of a test modem for a customer to check if their own modem is faulty.  This does not apply if we have provided the modem within last 3 months. Courier charge of $15.00 additional. This fee will be refunded in full when the modem is returned (in same working order), or the customer can choose to keep the modem and pay the fee.


  • On-site internet modem installation & testing
  • On-site Voip phone installation & testing
  • Setting up X-lite, 3cx, or other soft clients
  • On-site training for internet or Voip


Any other IT support or consultancy as requested. A quote will be provided prior to any work commencing.


Premium Support

24/7 support available on all Kiwi Internet connections

Priority support phone line, email address and support mobile number

Service level agreement response times

Discounted IT support requests

Free courier charges

$49.00 +GST per month

Managed Service Support

24 / 7 ISP support

Proactive monitoring of all devices

Operational maintenance, workstation & server support

Network security in one monthly support package.


We can provide advice and recommendations for any telecommunications, IT issues or questions you have.

Virtual CIO

Service designed for a business who needs professional, informed ongoing IT management.

Our team will develop IT roadmaps, future proof any IT investment, oversee any IT projects and provide ongoing consultancy to optimise your IT for your business